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Online Tax Preparation vs Large Franchise vs Accountable Consulting

Here at Accountable Consulting in Kennesaw, GA, our CPAs understand that there are many different avenues you could take in getting your taxes prepared. We believe the following points are how our accounting firm can exceed the service and expectations of online tax software such as Turbo Tax/Tax Act or large franchise tax firms such as H&R Block/Jackson Hewett.


Let us crunch the numbers so you can spend your time in more useful ways. If your books are unorganized or you need help in sorting through receipts and tax documents you received, we can help.

Fewer Worries

As CPAs, we know the law and are specialized to handle all types of returns. You can put confidence in us that money isn’t left on the table while preparing your return. Many online tax softwares have individuals unsure on what credits or deductions they are entitled to, causing them uncertainty which could ultimately cost them money to which they were entitled.

Tax Planning

Whether it’s advising you on your W-4 withholdings, planning certain deductions at year end or helping to estimate your taxes for the year to ensure you do not overpay or underpay, we are here to help. Keep in mind, it’s very difficult to get this from an online tax preparation software.

Personal Interaction

We are in touch with our clients on a personal level throughout the year, as this information plays a part in preparing your tax return. Whether you’ve sold a home, have a new addition to the family or are starting a new job, we strive to know all our clients on a personal basis. You’re not another number in a system.


Our phones are open year-round. We pride ourselves being on top of things and returning phone calls or emails promptly.Our doors do not close after April 15th . Whether it’s explaining different deductions or credits in plain English or assisting you in responding to a tax notice, we are here to help. Online tax preparation softwares cannot help ease the pain of your first IRS notice or help you explain what the issue is. Ease of mind goes a long way.

Quality Work

At Accountable Consulting, we take our time to ensure we deliver the highest quality of work possible. We pay attention to the details. Whether it takes us thirty minutes or three hours to complete your return, we treat all of our clients with the same magnitude. Remember, you should put more emphasis on the return being done right rather than the amount of the refund you’re getting back. Piece of mind should be what you’re looking for, not the refund. Please be aware of this especially as you use online softwares or unlicensed individuals.

Licensed Professionals

As CPAs, we are licensed accounting professionals that are held to a higher standard. This higher standard raises the bar on how we are trained and the experience we must hold to maintain our license. From continuing education courses to reading and analyzing new tax legislation, this information we obtain allows us to explain things to you in a much simpler way. The majority of the individuals at the large franchise tax preparation firms aren’t licensed. Although they are trained and have to pass a training course, do you really want someone to prepare your taxes that just started working there with hardly any real world experience?

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